Merry Xmas

OUR PROJECTs for Christmas: 

We are making and editing a Christmas board at Pinterest with our favourite Christmas pictures in the Internet and we are writing about  Christmas  and publishing it at

but first some funny exercises to learn English ..... in 5 steps

1) We love music so ... let's learn and sing carols!

2) Watch this story. First read the questions and then watch it  (Past simple practice)

3) LEARNING CHRISTMAS VOCABULARYWatch, repeat and write down the words in your notebook

Now the exercises, as usual ...

Exercise 1 at learning chocolate
Exercise 2 Exol courses quiz
Exercise 3 Game at esl games
Exercise 4 Quiz at anglomacy
Exercise 5 Take these quizzes:

Christmas GamesTrivia Quiz 1 Christmas Facts
Christmas GamesTrivia Quiz 2 "Frosty the Snowman"
Christmas GamesTrivia Quiz 3 "It's a Wonderful Life"
Christmas GamesTrivia Quiz 4 "The Nutcracker"
Christmas GamesTrivia Quiz 5 Around the World
Christmas GamesQ'wick Q'westion Q'west

Exercise 6 Christmas plans Using the future going to with the British Council

Watch the video and practise using the present continuous to talk about plans. Can you use the present continuous to talk about your future plans?


Exercise 1) Write a letter to Santa at

Exercise 2 )

Irene writes about what happens at Christmas at this shared google doc

Pablo and Irene will publish their writings at, then share it and email it


... As usual sign in, log in and start using pinterest. Follow the instructions:

Give it the board a title
Think of words to google search. You can use words and ideas you have learned in this project
Explain the picture in English with your own words.

Do you want to see an example?? (Just an example!!!!)

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