We love our projects: Merry Xmas

OUR PROJECTs for Christmas: 

We are making and editing a Christmas board at Pinterest with our favourite Christmas pictures in the Internet and we are writing about  Christmas  and publishing it at

but first some funny exercises to learn English ..... in 5 steps

Para hacer el proyecto que hemos preparado para Navidad haz clic We love our projects: Merry Xmas. We are surely going to have lots of fun this time too!!!! ho ho ho hooooo!!!


Irene' s game: Practise your irregular verbs

Irene is working on her irregular verbs in school and has created this game with class tool creator . There are different types of arcade games. You can try them all!!! We hope you' ll enjoy it!!! Comments are welcome!!

If you want you can click below for larger version

Pablo' s game: Combat stadium

Pablo has designed this video game with Sploder: Its name is "Combat Stadium" He loves it!!! Do you want to play with it? We love our projects :-))


Facts about the Simpsons by Pablo and Irene

We searched the web and did these slidestaxx presentations. Now we know many new things about the Simpsons, our favourite tv series. The rest of the project here.

We also shared this google doc: