Visiting Frinton-on-sea

Our final project: Publishing a travel guide at issuu with useful expressions for Irene's visit to Frinton-on-Sea



  1. Communication in foreign languages
  2. Communication in the mother tongue
  3. Digital competence
  4. Learning to learn
  5. Social and civic competences
  6. Sense of initiative and entrepreneurship
  7. Cultural awareness and expression

FIRST STEP: Useful language for the visit. Practice with these online activities

1) Travel language

Exercise 1: Scrambled words 

Exercise 2:  Transportation

Exercise 3:  Directions and places
Exercise 4:  Transportation vocabulary1 - memory game

Video 1 : Survival English

Video 2: Packing 1

Video 3: Packing 2

Video 4: Travel English: Where are you from?

2) Food and meals

1 Vocabulary exercises on food
2 Video watching

3) School language

Worksheets for the video here

4) Parts of a town

Exercises at anglomancy: First study, then practise and finally test yourself on the parts of a town

5) The house

Print the exercises and watch the video here

6) Permission, requests, information

1 Polite requests Exercise
2 Asking for permission exercise
3 Asking for and giving information exercise

7) London
Print and do the activities

SECOND STEP: Writing your article on your google drive

Guidelines for the edition

  • Create an attractive front page for your guide using an appealing title and image. You can google search or create your own images with Lunapic or
  • Create 7 sections for the different language aspects
  • Edit  tables with the useful expressions using pictures and images. Write the English and the Spanish and insert the images. Click for an example 

THIRD STEP: Create an issuu account and upload your PDF guide  ;

Finally we'll share it in our blog 

and for Irene... Bon voyage!!! Have a nice journey!!

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  1. Bonita y eficaz manera de preparar un viaje de inmersión lingüística en inglés. Enhorabuena Irene, lo pasarás muy bien en UK.